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Black 2 m Plastic gutter size 100

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  •  rias 5887656 2m
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    Black 2 m Plastic gutter size 100

    Plastic gutter from Rias's RODENA series.

    Gutter, downpipes and accessories are connected and sealed with RODENA adhesive.

    To fit RODENA plastic gutter systems, you usually only need a DIY manual or a toolbox.
    If the gutters or downpipes need to be shortened, use a hacksaw or alternatively use a turning saw.
    When the gutters or downpipes are the right length, rub the edges with sandpaper or a file.

    Guttering requires no maintenance but it is recommended to inspect and remove leaves and twigs, etc., at least once a year.

    Length: 2000 mm. Width: 100 mm.

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