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Frequently asked questions and answers

Thermo roofs

  • What does a complete thermo roof consist of?

    For a complete thermo roof you need the following::
      - Corrugated sheets
      - Side profiles (typically two pcs. in total)
      - Collection profiles (Amount of corrugated sheets minus one)
      - Profile endings (one pcs. pr. Collection and side profile)
      - Top tape for the corrugated sheets top end
      - Ventilating bottom tape
      - Water noses (one pcs. pr. corrugated sheet)

    You might need a wall profile on the spot where the thermo roof meets the house wall. A wall profile must be used if you want the thermo roof to be tight against the wall it is installed on. Often it is not necessary since there very often is an overhang above, where the thermo roof is installed, which means the overhang ensure there is no water entering the wall where the thermo roof is installed.

    Link to the wall profile for Alusystem (in the bottom of the page)

    Link to the wall profile for Termosystem (in the bottom of the page)
  • What does it cost per m2?
    It is a bit difficult to answer because we sell full sheets and profiles separated. In the end the price depends on the measures. But we are always ready to help calculate an offer for you.

    We have made a price calculator, which automatically calculated the total price on a complete thermo roof with everything you need and you can see the price immediately.

    Prices on a complete thermo roof >> click here!
  • Do there exist other sheet widths?
    Corrugated sheets for thermo roofs is always 980mm wide. thereby is it possible to have a centre distance on the trusses on 1000 mm. The light sheets for simple covers like woodsheds, greenhouses etc. Has a sheet with on 2100mm.
  • What is light transmission?
    Light transmissions is how much light that goes through a sheet. They are as followed:
     4mm transparent: 86%
     6mm transparent: 86%
     10mm transparent: 84%
     16mm opal 3b: 45%
     25mm opal 3b: 41%
     32mm opal 3b: 44%
  • What is the insulation value? (U-value)
     4mm 2-layer: 3,9
     6mm 2- layer: 3,6
     10mm 4- layer: 2,8
     16mm 6- layer: 1,8
     25mm 6- layer: 1,5
     32mm 6- layer: 1,4
  • Can the sheets and profiles be adjusted in length?
    Yes you can. The corrugated sheets can easily be adjusted with a hand saw, jigsaw or circular saw. Likewise can the aluprofiles be adjusted with a circular saw or a hacksaw. We are often asked if the corrugated sheets can be cut in bevelled? Yes, they can. Use a circular saw or a jigsaw for the job.
  • How much is shipping?
    Do you buy for more than 5000,- then you will get free shipping. Smaller quantities are added from 95 kr and up to 400,. Per order. The shipping price is automatically calculated when the product is added to the shopping basket.
  • Can the roof be installed on trusses and battens?
    Yes, the thermo roof can be installed on either trusses or battens. Optimally the roof is installed on trusses since you then avoid transverse battens which is not always pretty to look at;.
  • Do you have installation systems for 4 - 6 - 10mm corrugated sheets?
    We do not have any installation systems for 4 and 6mm corrugated sheets, but it might be possible to do it like this: Mounting installation for corrugated sheets >> click here
    For our 10mm sheets can collection and side profiles for the ALU-System be used Find them here: individual component for Thermo roof ALU-System >> click here
  • Do the corrugated sheet yellow in the sun?
    No. All our corrugated sheets/thermo sheets are UV resistant. They have all gotten a special treatment which ensures that they will not yellow in the light of the sun. There is 10 years guarantee on yellowing.

Plastic sheets

  • Are acrylic sheets, Perspex® and PLEXIGLAS® the same?
    No not quite. PLEXIGLAS® is an acrylic product and a registered trademark owned by German Evonik and it has some unique properties that not necessarily all acrylic based products have. We also sell Perspex® and Crylon® acrylic products from the world's largest acrylic manufacturers, which produce the highest quality of acrylic. Acrylic is actually called polymetamethyl acrylate, typically abbreviated PMMA, and is available in two variants. One is an extruded variant (XT) and the other is cast (CAST).
  • Is acrylic impact-proof?
    No, acrylic is not completely impact-proof. Do you need an impact-proof sheet then you can use polycarbonate – which by the way also is known as Lexan and Makrolon by other manufactures.
  • Can you drill in acrylic?
    Yes, if you pre-drill and make sure that the hole is a hunch bigger than the screw. This way you ensure that the sheet can work under temperature difference without the screw is jammed from the inside. Always use a small rubber ring under the screw to avoid suspense.

    See prices on acrylic, Polycarbonate and other plastic sheets >> click here!
  • How unbreakable /impact-proof is polycarbonate?

    Polycarbonate is a type of plastic sheet which almost cannot break. See this video to see the difference between acrylic and polycarbonate's breaking strength.

    Polycarbonate is therefore especially useful as glass for the greenhouse which cannot break.See prices on break-proof greenhouse glass
  • How do I adjust plastic sheets, like acrylic and polycarbonate?

    It is easy. Use a fine toothed circular saw, jigsaw, hand saw or similar. See the video how to trim plastic sheets.
  • How do I shape plastic sheets?

    From the help of a bellows you can easily shape your plastic sheets in acrylic and Polycarbonate. See this video how you do it.
  • Can I repair a scratched plastic sheet?

    Yes and no. It depends on how deep and big the scratch is. See this video of how you can remove scratches in a plastic sheet.
  • How do I get stylish edges on my plastic sheet?

    You can shine and polish it with a very fine sandpaper and as a finish take a bellows by its edges, then it will be completely blank. See this video how to polish the edges on acrylic and polycarbonate.
  • Can I get a plastic sheet that cannot be scratched?
  • No. Plastic sheets are relatively easy scratched but we sell a scratch free polycarbonate that has gotten a special coating which makes it extra resistant against scratches. It makes the sheet appropriate for protection of table sheets, or as glass in doors or windows, which you like to polish and clean.
  • Do plastic sheets yellow in the sun?
    Acrylic (Perspex) sheets do not yellow. Polycarbonate sheets do. We have a special UV Polycarbonate, which has gotten a special treatment which ensures that the sheet will not yellow when exposed to sunlight.