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Original PLEXIGLASS® sheets

We are an official vendor of original PLEXIGLASS® plastic sheets in many thicknesses, structures, and colours. PLEXIGLASS® is probably the most renowned type of plastic sheet in the world, and it can be used for countless different purposes. It is UV-resistant which means that it will not turn yellow from exposure to the sun. It can be shaped by heat, and it is extremely weather-resistant. PLEXIGLASS® is easy to cut or modify using a saw with a fine-toothed blade. We offer PLEXIGLASS® in transparent, clear, opal, black, brown, red, yellow, etc. Moreover, we also offer PLEXIGLASS® sheets with structured surfaces. These are, for instance, very suitable as bathroom glass for the shower, since only the contour can be seen through the structure.

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We cut your PLEXIGLASS® sheets to your individual specifications with a tolerance of only +/- 2mm.