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Polycarbonate (unbreakable)

Polycarbonate is a shatter-proof plastic sheet with a blank surface and with great transparency which allows for natural lighting.

Polycarbonate UV is protected against turning yellow from exposure to sunlight. Very suitable for outdoor use. For example in greenhouses or as skylights.

Scratch-resistant polycarbonate is particularly suitable as double-glazed windows and other windows that regularly need polishing and are expected to be unbreakable. The scratch-resistant assurance protects the windows from being scratched during polishing. Scratch-proof polycarbonate is also UV protected.

Polycarbonate is also known as Makrolon or Lexan and is especially acknowledged for its anti-burglary effect. On windows, the sheets prove nearly impossible to break, and unwanted visitors are held from your home or workplace. The police force use polycarbonate in their shields serving as an example of the product's impenetrability and strength.