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  •  RIAS - PMMA XT Opal
Opal PLEXIGLASS<sup>®</sup>
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The Original PLEXIGLASS® product

Light transmission: 25%

Lightweight. PLEXIGLASS® weighs only about half of regular glass

Very weather-resistant; can be used outdoors. Does not turn yellow from exposure to sunlight

Does not shatter like glass

Easy to cut with a fine-toothed circular saw, jigsaw, or handsaw

German top quality

Opal PLEXIGLASS® is a conventional plastic sheet, that can be used indoors and outdoors

The opal colour makes it ideal for breaking and dimming light from lamps and light bulbs. Creates a nice, diffused light.

PLEXIGLASS® can be used for many purposes:

- As glass in doors/windows
- DIY shelves, boxes, etc.
- And many other things

You can easily cut or modify your own PLEXIGLASS® sheet. Use a circular saw, jigsaw, handsaw, or something similar with a fine-toothed blade designed for plastic.

PLEXIGLASS® sheets can be glued together with a strong, quick-drying contact adhesive.

PLEXIGLASS® has approx. the same impact strength as regular glass, i.e. it can break. If you are looking for a shatter-proof plastic sheet, you should choose Polycarbonate.

The sheet is delivered with protection foil on both sides.

PLEXIGLASS® can be shaped when exposed to heat.

Max. temperature for continuous use: 70 degrees
Max. temperature for short-term use: 90 degrees

All plastic sheets are cut with a circular saw.

PLEXIGLASS® is a registered trademark by German Evonik and is often used interchangeably with less expensive acrylic products. We recommend that you choose the original product if you wish to enjoy the unique qualities of PLEXIGLASS®.