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Chairs and desk pads

Underlayment for an office chair for wooden floors or carpets. The underlayment comes in hard clear plastic and protects your floors from unwanted damage. Effectively prevents marks from chairs or wheels rolling across the floor. Available in different sizes with and without spikes. We recommend the smooth underlayment for wooden floors and the spiked underlayment for carpets. The underlayment without spikes has been treated with a special &rdquoanti-slide-treatment&rdquo, which keeps it fixed to the floor. The product should not be compared with cheaper underlayments for office chairs in vinyl. This underlayment for office chairs is particularly durable and is able to withstand heavy weight for many years. The underlayment is designed with a clear pattern and rounded corners

Writing underlayment comes in a 1mm clear and faded edition. Excellent protection for your floors to avoid scratches.