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Clear Polycarbonate Round Rod

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  •  Polycarbonat rundstang klar
Clear Polycarbonate Round Rod
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Clear Polycarbonate Round Rod

We cut to your exact specifications!

Enter your required measurements in the calculator above. NB every cut takes off 5mm (kerf width) of the total length of the rod.

Solid rod of strong polycarbonate.

Flexible and almost impossible to break

Highly weather-resistant but it will turn yellow when exposed to sunlight

Does not shatter like glass

Easy to cut with a fine-toothed circular saw, jigsaw or handsaw

Additional specifications:
- Length: 1000mm and 2900mm
- Colour: Natural/clear - with a sanded surface

Polycarbonate is easy to cut yourself. Use a circular saw, jigsaw, hand saw or similar with a fine-toothed blade designed for plastic or steel.

Polycarbonate is known as the strongest plastic rod in the world as it is virtually unbreakable!

All plastic rods are sawn by a circular saw.