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Clear Polyester

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  •  Vink Klar Polyester PET-G
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    Clear Polyester

    88% light transmission

    Impact resistant right down to 40 degrees.

    Easy to shape and cold bend. Suitable for vacuum formed items.

    You can print, glue, polish and weld on polyester.

    Polyester can be sawn, cut, laser and water jet cut.

    Great chemical resistant surface.

    Polyester has many fields of application:
    - Illuminated signs
    - Table mats
    - Exterior signs
    - Table place name
    - Brochure holders
    - Boxes
    - Bowls/platters/trays
    - Partitions
    - Sales and display cases
    - Letter trays, magazine slipcases and similar office equipment
    - and much more

    Polyester can be cold bent for thicknesses up to 2 mm and bent hot for thicker sheets. Polyester has a high chemical tolerance.

    If you want an even stronger sheet, then choose Polycarbonate.

    The sheet comes with a transparent protective foil on both sides. Gloss surface.

    All plastic sheets are sawn by a circular saw.

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