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Gutter bracket long size 100/300, plastic coated

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Gutter bracket long size 100/300, plastic coated

Gutter brackets from Rias's RODENA series are used to hold the gutter in place.

The gutter bracket is mounted on battens below the roof covering spaced at 500-600 mm with galvanized nails/screws.
In order for water to run unimpeded toward the drainpipe, the gutter bracket must always be mounted with a fall of 1 mm per gutter bracket/fascia bracket.

Gutter brackets are available in two different lengths; 183 mm and 300 mm.

Gutter brackets must be bent with a gutter bracket bender. A tool you can rent or buy at your local hardware store.
When handling and bending gutter brackets you must be careful not to damage the load coating.