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Nylon sheet White

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  •  VINK PA 6 G Ertalon 6 PLA natur
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    Nylon sheet White

    We cut to the exact measurements you require!

    White nylon sheet.

    High durability, good for processing

    The edge can be finished with a router and sandpaper.

    Very high chemical resistance

    Does not shatter like glass

    Easy to cut with a fine-toothed circular saw, jigsaw or handsaw.

    High impact strength.

    With a nylon sheet you have a both durable and break-resistant material. Nylon is made up of long threads, which can melt from high heat and friction.
    Nylon is slightly flexible, and can handle thousands of repetitive pressures and bending.

    It will absorb water, and can therefore break at freezing temperatures. You need to be aware of this, if you are using nylon outside or other humid use.

    Additional specifications:

    - Colour: Natural/White
    - Density: 1,15 g/cm3
    - Quality: Cast
    - Product name: PA 6 G sheet - 6 PLA
    - Tolerance length : + 40/+ 10 mm
    - Tolerance width: + 20/+ 10 mm

    All nylon sheets are sawn by a circular saw.