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Plastic Mirror 75 x 100 cm

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  •  RIAS 1433481
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Plastic Mirror 75 x 100 cm

We cut to your exact measurements!

(Enter your Dimensions: + your name and address in the note box at check out. NOTE: the price is always for a whole sheet.)

Inexpensive acrylic, plastic mirror

More durable than ordinary glass mirrors

Perfect for children's rooms, nurseries, and for baby changing stations

Highly impact resistant; the mirror can easily be mounted onto a door, wardrobe, or wall

The mirror is flexible, so by bending it, you can reshape the image and make funny mirror effects

Ultra light, easily attached to the ceiling or on light structures

Mounts easily with, for example, silicone or assembly glue.

You can cut the mirror plastic yourself with a fine-toothed jigsaw, hand saw, or circular saw.

The sheet comes with a protective film on the mirror side.

NOTE: Has to be mounted on a completely flat surface if you want to avoid funny mirror images.

Dimensions: 3 x 750 x 1000 mm