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Radioactive and High Chemical Resistant Taupe PEEK Sheet

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  •  VINK PEEK Plade
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    Radioactive and High Chemical Resistant Taupe PEEK Sheet

    We cut to your required measurements!

    PEEK sheet - The ultimate plastic sheet

    Extreme durability and friction properties - very suitable for mechanical parts.

    Resistant to radiation, gamma and x-ray.

    Low-flammability and very low smoke level.

    Very high chemical and hydrolysis resistance.

    Extremely high operating temperature in air (250°c continuously and up to 310°c for short periods)

    Easy to cut with a fine-toothed circular saw, jigsaw or handsaw, and it can also be milled.

    High impact strength.

    Great for both outdoors and indoors - does not absorb water.

    PEEK is Food approved.

    Fields of application:
    Heavy loaded bearings
    Hydraulic parts
    Pump parts
    Wear rings
    Applications in the chemical industry and the food industry

    PEEK does not absorb water and is therefore great to make use of outdoors and indoors.

    Additional specifications:

    - Colour: Natural/Taupe
    - Density: 1,31 g/cm3
    - Quality: Extruded
    - Product name: PEEK sheets - 1000

    Not recommended in connection with:
    Concentrated sulphuric acid
    Fuming concentrated nitric acid

    All PEEK sheets are sawn by a circular saw.