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Secondary Glazing Windows Clear Acrylic

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    Secondary Glazing Windows Clear Acrylic

    Excellent clarity. Light transmission of 92%; on a par with regular glass

    Lightweight. Acrylic weighs only half of same-sized glass

    Highly weather-resistant; Does not turn yellow from exposure to sunlight.

    Easy to fit with magnetic tape or nylon fasteners

    Double glazing windows can improve the insulation quite markedly in old windows. The secondary glazing window in plastic is mounted on the inside window frame either with the practical magnetic tape or with traditional nylon fasteners.

    The opal colour means it is virtually impossible to see through the sheet, but it still lets light in.

    Nylon fasteners can only be used for 3 mm secondary glazing windows.

    The typical thickness of double glazing windows is 3 mm but slightly more rigid, 5 mm, for extra large windows is recommended.

    We sell both magnetic tape and nylon fasteners; see the bottom of the page.

    All plastic windows are sawn on a circular saw.

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